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Red Dragon

Online turn-based strategy wargame from fantasy world

RD is unique in the diversity of warfare strategies and in the courage you need for risky actions that might lead to a breakthrough in war. – Mythril {Player}

About the game

Assemble and manage your own alliance.

Enforce your will either with your own might or with the help of allies.

Find your role in the alliance.

Make the game more comfortable with various upgrades.

It is perfect, that I can play my turns anytime during the day and I do not have to watch the game permanently. – Franta Jouda {Player}



Plot intricate schemes

Communication with other players is very important. Allies will help you deter robber players and when the apocalypse breaks out, every helping hand counts. Good relationships often lead to secret informations and cooperative planning of future actions.



Reveal all secrets of magic

Discover the ancient forces controlling the world of RedDragon. Your task will be to rain destructive spells on the enemies and scorch their lands and to save allied governorates from suffering the same fate.



Make the game more comfortable with various upgrades

You can play entirely for free. Credits do not guarantee success, but you can buy tools, that will make the game more comfortable. Other tools provide negligible bonuses of several percentages. You can not buy stronger units or new turns.



Adapt the play time to your free time, not the other way around

Because the game is turn based, it is not necessary to watch it for the entire day. You get new turns once per day, so you have a great freedom in playing them. You can easily work or study, the game will wait for you.



Join the community

RedDragon always excelled at having great community. There are official RD parties in Prague or Brno and sports matches. The game also has its own blog with a wide range of articles. Meet players from the surrounding areas.



The world of RedDragon is waiting for you.
Register, choose yor race and set off on an adventure.